Executive Search

Prime Source takes pride in

creating the ideal match between candidates and clients. We understand that companies as well as people have individual personalities that must be considered in order to achieve truly successful placements. We listen as carefully to you as we do to the candidates we interview on your behalf. Your objectives, your criteria, and your budget for a position are just the beginning. Company culture, methods of operation, working environment and other intangibles are also evaluated and added to the search portfolio. From the outset, our objective isn't just to make a placement, but to bring you the star candidate that will best promote the long-term success of your company.

Prime Source consultants approach each assignment with a proven search process and methodology derived from many years of experience recruiting talent for the industry:

Step 1: Define Goals & Specifications

  • Consult with client on company culture, state of business, and corporate vision
  • Define the job specifications, such as title, scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships, and profile of the ideal candidate

Step 2: Identify & Evaluate Candidates

  • Compile list of target sources for candidates
  • Identify candidates using proprietary database, international network of contacts, and industry research
  • Screen and evaluate candidates and prepare profiles as appropriate for client review

Step 3: Interviews

  • Interview prospects to determine whether their backgrounds are "on target" with client needs
  • Prepare briefs for clients that highlight personal traits, work history, and observations made by interviewer
  • Create final candidate list and arrange for client interviews of candidates

Step 4: Candidate Selection

  • Conduct final reference checks
  • Conduct finalist interviews and select candidate
  • Contact all sources and unsuccessful candidates to tie up loose ends
  • Ensure smooth transition for executive and client satisfaction with the search

Step 5: Success

  • Conduct candidate post-hire survey
  • Maintain relationship with client to follow hire's progress
  • Maintain relationship with employee to ensure smooth transition and evaluate progress

Successful Executive Search & Selection

is the result of a comprehensive and systematic process designed to target and attract the most suitable candidates. Since every assignment is unique, we determine and adapt the right methodology for success, whether it involves executive search, advertising based selection or a combination of both we follow a very scientific procedure. We understand our function is to minimize your time and effort in the process of selecting the candidates. So we usually send few resumes after evaluation by various techniques. These resumes incorporate up-to-date information, assessment and salary expectation very clearly.

We follow a very scientific process in conducting interview to verify and collect more information about the candidate.

We RESPECT both Client and Candidate

We believe in today’s world Client asks for our services because he wants to devote more time on other corporate activities so time is valuable. But we also believe that our candidates also need to use their time in a proper manner so we make sure that the candidate fits in the job profile (provided by the client) and he shows genuine interest for the position concerned.