Added Value Services

To emphasize our belief in delivering complete solutions as part of our partnership ethos, we look to provide additional support to our clients.

Management Assessment

Our qualified and highly trained consultants can offer tailored candidate assessment utilizing a range of tools from psychometric testing to extensive assessment programmes

Remuneration Advice

While we would always provide clients with informed comparatives on remuneration packages relevant to their industry, more detailed compensation and benefits surveys can also be undertaken.

Market & Competitor Information

During research on specific assignments we often gain market and competitor information, which provides benefit beyond the obvious objective of a successful placement.

Response Management

Some of our clients use us to manage their own recruitment advertising campaigns. With leading edge assignment management software and on-line application facilities, we ensure candidates are managed quickly and professionally through the recruitment process, thereby enhancing our client's image in the market place.

So in simple words we value both the Client and the Candidate and in today’s world when time is so very important our aim is to provide the right professionals so that both the Client and candidate can progress towards their set objectives.